Fred Azevedo

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Hello World

I guess I have to start somewhere, right? OK, here we go.

My name is Fred Azevedo and I am a Brazilian Java Web Developer and Oracle Certified Programmer. Working with Java for web means that I am a back-end programmer who likes to build applications, REST services, optimize code, solve logical problems, etc. on my daily routine. I know some front-end programming too, only the basics, so I do not consider myself an expert.

I also enjoy experiencing other programming languages and technologies to discover something new and learn with it. I decided to start writing a blog to share those experiences, projects and ideas that can be useful to other programmers and non-programmers too. I have been helped by many blog posts and personal websites with lots of new ideas, pieces of code and examples. Why not share my ideas and help others too? :)

I decided to write this blog in English not only to practice writing in another language other than mine but to make the posts more accessible to others. And I also like gaming. Not only to play games but tweak, mod and create custom content for them.

You can find me on Twitter and Github. Sometimes I’m also online enjoying a good game on Steam. Drop me an email anytime at me[@]

See you soon! :)